Mike, aka Mr. Dizzy,  was born, raised, and still lives in Monroe, Washington.  Mike was elected as the Monroe Chamber of Commerce President at the end of 2015. As a life long Monroe resident and long time business owner in Monroe he is a great fit as President. He knows the area, loves his town and is very dedicated to helping increase tourism, help out with our economic development and grow our city.

Mike began his career in motor sports over 20 years ago as a race car driver. Throughout his career he realized that entertaining fans and taking automotive entertainment to an extreme was his true calling. He began doing small stunts for his home track, and then expanded his performances to many venues across the Western US. In 2008 Mr Dizzy set his first world record for the longest distance jumped in a limousine (107.6 feet in a 32 foot long limo) on The Discovery Channel for Recreation Nation with Dave Mordal.

2010 brought Mr Dizzy another world record for the Submarine-Auto Dominoes, surpassing the old record (6 cars US,10 cars world) by knocking over 13 cars in one attempt. In August of 2011 he knew he could break his own world record for the distance jump in a limousine. He chose to attempt this jump on the biggest night of his career yet, the first ever production of Mr Dizzy’s Crash Factory Live. The show was an eclectic gathering of tremendous extreme talent from all across the United States. From a flying semi-truck and limo, to women running on fire, the show was a tremendous success.

Mr Dizzy has rapidly become one of the most highly acclaimed and well-known names in the stunt entertainment industry. Each year of his career has proven to bigger and better than the previous.


Mike is also the proud owner of Genesis Refrigeration and HVAC LLC.  Genesis is a refrigeration and air-conditioning heating restaurant equipment commercial and residential service sales and repair company. Mike and his team at Genesis are always available to help you keep your home and business cooling and heating systems running efficiently.  Visit www.genesisfirst.net  for more information.

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