At Rest Easy Hair Clinic we are parents ourselves, and understand that you prefer non chemical head lice solutions for your children or even yourself. Decades ago products found over-the- counter were effective for lice removal; today, they are not effective for eliminating those nasty pests as most have become immune to the harsh chemicals and ingredients used in those products. Even if they were effective, who wants to use harsh pesticides or chemicals on their child’s head? We provide safe head lice removal using products that are organic, safe and free of potentially dangerous chemicals. Combined with a thorough, professional comb-out the results are exceptional – and the process gentle to your child’s hair and scalp.
Parents want a one treatment lice solution that also works to remove eggs so you can put the stress behind you and enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is free of those bugs! If you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of lice without using those familiar products that no longer work, you don’t have to wonder any longer. At Rest Easy Hair Clinic our professional, certified technicians provide natural lice treatment you can count on for guaranteed results. Contact us to schedule an appointment today at 360-322- 7540.