Original Pilot House Coffees (OPHC) prides its success, in part, by  insisting that the only beans purchased for our company fall under the Certified Fair Trade Umbrella.

 Our prized Costa Rican coffee beans has a much-respected reputation.   Organically grown in rich volcanic soil at 3800′ and drenched in warm tropical rain, our bean is similar to the Kona bean of Hawaii.

 Our bean’s origin is the canton of Talamanca, Costa Rica.  Beans from this area recently won the 2011 Golden Bean Award as well as numerous other awards.  All this and its proximity to the earth’s equator, gives us at OPHC a phenomenal platform to implement our unique roasting process.

Our coffee is available in:

2-oz bags (ground)

4-oz (whole and ground)

1-lb bags (A full 16 oz bag, not the 12 oz the other guys sell.)