Harmsen & Associates, Inc. is experienced working in rural areas, towns, and large metropolitan areas. Harmsen & Associates was founded by Bill Harmsen and Dave Boersema in Monroe, WA in 1974. Through various acquisitions, we have extended our expertise and service areas via offices in Oak Harbor, WA in 1965, and most recently Mount Vernon, WA in 2011. These acquisitions have augmented Harmsen’s rich survey records archive with those of Leonard, Boudinot & Skodje, Fakkema & Kingma, Inc., Meriwether Leachman Associates, Inc., Evergreen Surveying, Inc. and Pacific Northwest Surveying. We are passionate about helping others succeed Harmsen & Associates, Inc.’s engineers, surveyors, and skilled office staff are absolutely the key to our success. Our aim is to provide the highest level of value to our clients and business partners. Our ability to accomplish high value work is manifested through our extensive set of repeat contracts for private and public entities. We are a relationship-based business. We focus on meeting the needs of our clients and being knowledgeable, productive teammates to our business partners. We focus on being the best at client service. Our personnel are up to date on the latest codes, ordinances, zoning issues, local municipality issues and design practices. We are leaders in sustainability design. The majority of our engineers are LEED AP accredited. They use a variety of green building design criteria according to client need.