06/02/2018 – 06/03/2018 all-day
Evergreen State Fairgrounds
14405 179th Ave SE
Monroe, WA 98272
David Hopp

Saturday June 2 – 10-6
Sunday June 3 – 11-5
At the Evergreen State Fairgrounds Commercial Building
Free Admission

What is it?
Oddmall is more than just an ordinary craft show. It’s a celebration of uniqueness, creativity, imagination, and wonder where artists, crafters, and like-minded sorts gather to offer their unusual creations for public consumption. It’s a forum for creative expression, a classroom for esoteric wisdom, a soapbox for wild ideas, a miraculous marketplace of the unconventional, a metaphorical Serengetian watering hole where the zebras and wildebeests of inspiration and artistry congregate amidst the snapping crocodiles and scorching sunbeams of originality and ingenuity… umm yeah. Anyway, it’ll be fun. Trust me.

Oddmall: Emporium of the weird features:
The best of the best of Pacific Northwests Artists, Crafters, Authors, Illustrators and purveyors of unusual things!

Who can participate, who is it open too?

Oddmall is open to absolutely everyone and admission is 100% FREE. It’s the perfect place to nab some sweet gifts and indulge all your various shopping dreams.

Artists, Crafters, Authors, Illustrators, Purveyors of unique and curious items!

What We are Looking For:
As a celebration of the unusual, Oddmall strives to showcase arts, crafts, and products that are a bit different from what you’d find at your local country craft fair. Anything weird, freaky, bizarre, off the cob, or just plain different is welcome fodder. We’re talking jewelry, art originals and prints, t shirts, stuffed animals, clothing, games and toys, home decorating jazz, holiday ornaments and just about anything else you might think of. If it’s creative, unusual, and you made it it’s welcome at Oddmall (as long as it passes the jurying process!)

Adult themed material is allowed but must be clearly marked as such and hidden from the eyes of passing children and the faint of constitution.

Where does Oddmall take place?

We run several shows a year around the Pacific Northwest and in Ohio. Click on upcoming shows to see our current schedule of events.

Why come to Oddmall?

Where else can you find such an eclectic fecundity of oddness? It’s the perfect place to find something unique for that special someone or pick out something really unique for your mommy. Browsing Oddmall’s indoor profusion of vendors is a great and fantastic way to spend an afternoon with the family.

Demos and Hands-on Activities
Many of Oddmall’s vendors and artists will be on hand to host workshops and demonstrations of their unique creations. Who knows, you might just learn something and have fun doing it.

It’s Free
Did I mention it’s free? That means lots of traffic if you’re a vendor and extra cash in your wallet if you’re a shopper.